WereBox, physics puzzle game



via Jay is Games on 2/9/10
Platform: Flash — WereBox WereBox is a fun little challenge that will brighten your day. Lurking in the darkness, transforming to save the day, be the hero and vanquish the wicked reds so that life in the city can return to normal. Well, normal for balls anyway. It's a physics puzzle with a twist, as you turn balls to boxes and back again to complete each level. Tagged as: browser, flash, free, game, macwinlinux, physics, puzzle, rating-g, tumbledrop, vogd



Zoo Transport, puzzle game



Transport the animals!! Help the penguin transport Company to carry all animals to the next zoo.



Fortune Hunter: Wrath of Anubis



via Jay is Games on 1/26/10
Platform: Flash — Fortune Hunter: Wrath of Anubis Step into the shoes of a Stetson-clad treasure hunter with a glint of gold in his eye who can read five dead languages for no apparent reason and has his spelunking boots all laced up. Trounce baddies and collect golden idols that allow you to move from one leg of the tomb to the next in this pixelrific platform adventure game. Tagged as: action, adventure, browser, flash, free, game, jflashgaming, macwinlinux, pixelart, platform, rating-g



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