Fallen, birth of a meteor

Fallen from Sascha Geddert on Vimeo.

Watch the entire life span of a freshly born meteor as it comes to terms with life, and its inevitable splashy end. This short film is all too bittersweet.

Doodle's Dawdle by Alastair Montgomery


You have been chosen as the subject of a secret project: To create the most indestructible unit in the universe. However, indestructibility is impossible. So as an alternative, you are to be trained to be able to dodge and evade any dangers that come. You cannot be destroyed if you cannot even be touched, making you... virtually indestructible.

Domino Draw Game

Domino Draw Game Description
Draw a line and create patterns. The dominos are layed in the same design. Knock them all over.

Doodle's Dawdle by Alastair Montgomery

Jade Monkey

Jade Monkey Game Description
Match 3 gems to clear them, match 4 or more for special powers in this Bejeweled clone.

Doodle's Dawdle by Alastair Montgomery

Building Blaster is an addictive, highly explosive Time Waster

via Download Squad by Sebastian Anthony on 5/17/10

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Before continuing, bear in mind that this game sucked me in for at least 30 minutes -- so if you like bombs, or you simply don't have the time to waste, you should probably stop reading now.

Building Blaster does exactly what it says on the tin and is as fun as you'd expect. The 'buildings' are simple towers made of different materials with differing properties. Your job is to blow them up using a variety of explosives: you start with dynamite, but you quickly get flasks of nitroglycerin to help move things along. The game itself is easy, but to get a higher score you need to use as few explosives as possible -- and avoid the civilians! Blow up the evil-looking dude and you get bonus points.

There are some expensive 'unconventional' weapons available in the shop too. The UFO -- and antimatter -- are sure to make your little time-wasting session slightly more... illuminating.

[via Casual Gameplay]

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