The Space Game: Missions

I loved the first version of this, can't wait until lunchtime.


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via Jay is Games on 7/22/09
[Platform: Flash] The Space Game: Missions We wanted a harder game with a stronger story, and that's what developer David Scott has given us. This sequel/mission pack to The Space Game offers a larger variety of missions, spread across three sub-plots that have you protecting valuable military hardware or facing never-before-seen threats from the pirate army. The tight, balanced gameplay is the same; it's just more engaging this time.


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Gravity Pods 2 - Time Waster



via Download Squad by Jason Clarke on 7/22/09

Gravity Pods 2Gravity Pods 2 is a physics-inspired game where the goal is to aim and shoot a ball, and have it arrive at the target. To get it there, you are given a number of tools, or pods, that you can place. The most common one is the red gravity pod, but there are also blue repelling pods, and silver bounce pods. As you might expect, the gravity pods pull the ball around them with varying force, depending on how close the ball is to the pod. The repelling pods work in the opposite manner.

The game gives you total freedom with where to place the pods, which is a blessing and a curse; the total freedom means that you're always wondering if you're so close and just need one more tiny adjustment to beat the level, or if your strategy is entirely wrong, and you need to take a totally fresh approach.

The game also has a bit of a running commentary, and a boatload of snarky comments to "encourage" you. I found myself motivated to beat each level just to see what the next comment was.


Amazing Stuff From The 1920's



via amazing stuff by Paul Clos on 7/20/09
Inventions and ideas some made it some didn't. This video is actually kind of funny until one guy doesn't live through his invention.

4 minutes 43 seconds



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